Taipei Municipal Datong Elementary School,founded on March 3, 1937, is a veteran 
school in its sixties. It was known  as Yuanshan Public School during Japanese colonization 
and was rechristened with its present name in 1946. It almost faded into oblivion in 1951 
because it was almost abolished after its school houses were transferred to TaipeiMunicipal
Vocational School of Commerce. It luckily survived in the wake of overwhelming petition from
student's parents. In 1968, Taipei Municipal Datong Elementary School became part of the 
nine-year compulsory education system.In line with the drastic transformation of the entire
society, the number of students has come down stably year-by-year. This means the students
have enjoyed more space for activities. Today, this veteran school has outmoded school premises.
Under the White Paper of Education launched by the government,the school premises are being 
refurbished in an overall plan. In line with the education reform, the enforcement of the 
nine-year integral compulsory education, the overall renovation project of Datong District 
carried out by the Taipei Municipal Government, the Taipei Municipal Datong Elementary      
School witnesses a very brilliant future prospect. In the efforts to orient the school to the 
local communities, we have been trying hard to locate the very origin of grassroots culture 
to team up with the local communities to create added cultural values. We do hope to play the 
role as learning community and strive for lifetime learning goals. In the present pivotal 
moment of transformation,how shall we shape striking school culture, how to create characteristic
curricula and education? In the course of answering these questions, we lay a solid foundation 
of Taipei Municipal Datong Elementary School of wholesomeness,blessings and excellence toward 
the 21st century.